HVM Virgin Hair


What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is natural hair that has not been processed in any way. The cuticles of the hair follow one direction which, keeps the hair from tangling and matting. The hair has not been dyed or perm processed. Steaming is not considered processing as it does not alter the cuticle of the hair. 

Where is the hair from?

Each hair is from its country. The only products we offer from China are our closures & our Brazilian hair.  

Are there any discounts?

We offer discounts most of the time, please check the news and updates. Our consistent in store discount: $10 off of all cash purchases. We usually have discounts on our IG: hvmvirginhair

Do we offer wholesale?

Yes. 40+ bundles receive 20% off. Please calculate before contacting us for your convenience and understanding. 

Where are the single bundles?

We specialize in bundling options. This is the cheapest way to purchase multiple bundles of hair. If you just want a single bundle they are available in the products section of our website. 

Why is there no option to select hair color?

As this is 100% virgin hair, we do not offer nor have various colors of hair. All of our hair is natural color which varies from a dark 1b-2. All hair can be dyed to achieve any desired color. 

When will my hair ship? When will I get my tracking number? (standard orders)

HVM Virgin Hair follows a 3-7 or 3-10 day shipping & processing policy. This means you will receive you hair and your tracking number in 3-7or 3-10 business days. Please do not be alarmed if you don't receive you tracking number immediately after order. It takes time for us to update our order statuses. 

How many bundles do I need?

For 12-16" for natural fullness you only need 2.5-3 bundles. For 18-22" of hair you should use three bundles of hair. We suggest you purchase an additional bundle of hair if you plan to use hair over 24". closures and frontals do not add to the fullness of completed looks. 


Where is HVM located? Do we do hair here?

       We are located at 1154 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11225 between Rutland & Fenimore. We install hair here. Your own hair must be washed and clean with no added product, ready for installation. We accept cash and credit, but prefer cash. 


Thanks for shopping with us today. We're looking forward to supplying you with beautiful premium tresses.