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Looking to start your own hair company? We have access to over 20 suppliers with excellent products that can be yours today. Did you know that new hair companies spend an average of $4,000 to locate the perfect suppliers for their needs? There are so many aspects to finding high quality, long lasting, consistent products. It’s so rare that one can get their frontals, closures, various textures of wefted hair & wigs from one place— in fact it displays a lack of research and development.

SHOPHVM has been in business for almost 8 years. How have we managed to stay in business so long? We are always testing new products and improving our quality standards. We keep our existing customers and bring in new customers by ensuring our suppliers are passionate and aggressive about keeping us happy. Gaining access to our exclusive list of suppliers will jumpstart your business. With this list not only will you will have access to some of the industries most coveted overseas suppliers, but we will act as a mediator and liaison focused on conflict resolution. These are, after all, our referrals, and we are committed  to seeing our clients through to success.



Thanks for shopping with us today. We're looking forward to supplying you with beautiful premium tresses.